Assurance and Advisory Services tailored to you.
Your Business Deserves Better Insights for Better Results!
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Your Trusted Business Advisors.
We are the financial partner who is just as committed to your success as you are.
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Minimize your tax liability.
We master the tax law to maximize your deductions and benefits.
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Small Business Accounting Made Easy.
Focus on what you love. We will do the rest.
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Stop Your Business from Leaking Cash Day and Night, Hire a Top-Notch Accountant

Stop wasting money on "DIY" accounting. At CAS Assurance, LLC, we use an experience based system to help you change your business to a profit first mind set. Helping you take control of your finances, budgeting, controls and cash flow.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Accounting, Taxes, and Audit Done Right for You.

At CAS Assurance, LLC, we leverage our expertise and resources to take the weight of tax, accounting, audit, and compliance off your back. We want to help you focus on what matters the most – growing your business.

Virtual Accounting

We're here to help you manage your books, no matter the size of company. Whether for small businesses that need just a few hours each month devoted exclusively towards accounting tasks, or for larger companies that want our full range services, including financial reporting and analysis, budgeting and cash flow management – we've got something perfect suited right up!

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Tax Planning Advisory, Tax Filing, and Problem Resolution

Our experienced team can help with any tax issues and give advice about how best to save for the future. Any problem with the IRS? No worries! We're here to help you through the IRS and state tax burdens. We personally work on your case, taking stress out of these processes so you can focus on what you need to do - making money!

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Assurance (Audit)

We understand the challenges of running a business, managing controls, and ensuring compliance. That's why we offer a stress free audit process, tools, and methodology for performing your audit engagements, including financial, SOC 2, and other industry and regulatory compliance audits.

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Good decisions are the backbones of good actions and results. We leverage our experience and expertise to provide you with professional advice on cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, audit readiness, financial management, and internal control so you can make the right decisions for better results.

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Improving Cybersecurity
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Step Up Your SOC 2 Audit Readiness
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Assess Your Risk, Protect Your Data
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Lastest News

We keep you up-to-date with the recent changes in tax laws and newest business tips.

Performance is like a sailing ship, if not monitored and controlled it strays off course!
For help with your internal control, information security, and compliance efforts, call us today for a free consultation!

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